Friday, 17 February 2017

More about sound

We spent more time today finding out about sound.
It was so interesting.
Today we found out about vibrations and sound waves.
Teacher had a tuning fork.
We were really surprised to see that it doesn't make much sound in air, but it makes such a clear note when we put it against our ears.
Putting a vibrating tuning fork up against a container of peas, a container of rice, a cup of water and a ping pong ball gave some very interesting and surprising results!
We know that sounds can travel through the air.  These sounds sound quite different when they travel through solids (like string).
We banged spoons off the legs of a chair.  These sounded like church bells when we put string around them and put the string up against the bones beside our ears.  It looks very funny but sounds incredible!
After investigating with straws and rubber bands yesterday we guessed that the small spoons would have high sounds and that the bigger spoons would have much lower sounds.
We were right!

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