Friday, 24 October 2014

Hallowe'en celebrations

What a wonderful day.
We all dressed up for school today.  The costumes were amazing.
Teacher looked horrible in her witch's costume (she really needs to brush those disgusting teeth!)
In fact all the teachers looked funny!
We went on our Hallowe'en walk, had a party (we love sharing goodies!), watched a Winnie the Pooh Hallowe'en video, made and flew rockets and played Pass the Parcel.  We wish every day could be so much fun!
 Here we are in our wonderful costumes.
We had a great time on our walk and the rain held off too.  Weren't we lucky?

Foam rockets

We made our own foam rockets.
These are so much fun.
We used insulation for pipes for the rocket cylinder and we used squares of card to make the triangular fins.  Teacher helped us with the duct tape so our rockets are really strong.

These rockets fly when we stretch the elastic backwards and then let go.
We had a knock out league in the corridor and Jakub was the class champion.  His rocket flies really well (so does Adam's), and went the furthest each time.

Making air rockets

Shapes are amazing.
Teacher showed us how we can roll a rectangle to make a cylinder,
how we can fold and chop a rectangle to make a square or diamond and triangles,
how we can roll a circle to make a cone.
Armed with this knowledge we set about making air rockets.
Teacher had made the cylinders for us, because that is a slow job, but we stuck on the triangular fins, and made and stuck on the nose cones.  We also decorated our rockets.  We will fly them outside when the weather improves a little.

Pass the parcel

Hallowe'en is a great time to play traditional games like "pass the parcel".
We played this game today, with a slight twist.
We brought a bit of science and maths into our game.
With each layer of the parcel the students had to describe the material covering the parcel....what is the covering? is it hard/soft? is it absorbent/waterproof? is it opaque/see through? is it dull/shiny?
When the music stopped we could unwrap a layer, keep the prize and describe the maths shape we many sides? how many corners? its colour? the name of the shape?
We really like this game, but we ran out of time.  Teacher has said that we can play this game again after the break!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hallowe'en Data

We have been voting as to our favourite Hallowe'en things.
The results are interesting.
We love chatting about the different groups, which is the largest/smallest group, how many more/less are in each group, how many altogether etc.
We are really getting good at interpreting data.

Junior Achievement

We were delighted to have Yaneth come to visit us today.
Our story was all about gardening which was very suitable since we were gardening with Kay on Monday and were planting daffodil bulbs today.