Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pizza party

Ms. Crotty's class, Ms. Geraghty's class and our class had a wonderful surprise today.
We celebrated our involvement in the Féile Scoildrámaíochta with a wonderful Pizza Party.
We really enjoyed being in the plays and we especially liked our party today!

How much sugar?

We are trying to eat healthy lunches in school.
Can you guess how much sugar is in each of these foods?


Bhí an-spórt againn inniu ag imirt Biongó Éadaí agus Biongó Bia.

Flower CVC words with -e-

We are great at making new words with the letter e in the middle!

Acrobatic clowns

We have made these lovely acrobatic clowns.
Teacher says we will need them to do some science.
Could it have anything to do with gravity?
We have been talking about gravity in class.

Snake spirals

We made some great spiral snakes.
One set are hanging in the middle of the classroom and one set are hanging by the window.
We are trying hard to figure out why the ones by the window never stop moving while the ones in the middle of the room are always still.
What a mystery??????

Could it have anything to do with the hot air rising from the radiator by the window?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

We are famous!

Famous! We are thrilled to have been mentioned on this wonderful Primary Science site: 
Scroll down until you see us mentioned:

Growing plants

We have just signed up for what looks like a wonderful project.
We can't wait to get started!

Relays and hamster wheels

We did some ball relays today.  We liked the OVER relay....
...the UNDER relay.....
...and especially the OVER, UNDER relay!
But what we like best of all is the human hamster wheel!

Monday, 24 February 2014


Today we talked about all sorts of bridges.
We tried making bridges to see which kind would be the strongest.
We tried one sheet of paper, two sheets of paper, a folded page, a page like a fan and a page with an arch underneath.  Can you guess which was the strongest?

Ramps, friction and gravity

We have been talking about forces, and also about which shapes roll and which don't.
Today we had to guess which of the following objects would roll on the ramp and which wouldn't.
Spool, car, topper, cork on its end, paper clip, sphere.
We guessed the spool, car and sphere would roll. The others have no circular end (except for the cork which rolled when we put it on its side), and so would not roll.
Gravity helps pull the objects to the ground, and friction slows them down (as does bumping into lollipop sticks, as we discovered)
The car and the sphere rolled best.
We used lollipop sticks to measure how far each item rolled.
Here is the result.
After this we raised the ramp to see if this would make any difference to how far the object would travel. 
It really did.
Our ball travelled 3 sticks further with the higher ramp and the car rolled a further 6 sticks even further than the sphere.
We loved testing this!

Irish Girl Guides A-Wear-Ness Day

All members of the Girl Guides in over 144 countries celebrate World Thinking Day on February 22nd.
This is on the joint birthday of the founders of Scouts and Girl Guides - Lord Baden Powell and his wife Olave Baden Powell.
Today all members of Girl Guides around the world wear all or part of their uniform to school or work.
The uniform looks great and we hear that Ladybirds is a lot of fun!

New notices

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Literacy and numeracy activities

We had fun with some new literacy and numeracy activity sheets.
 We played dice addition (we threw two dice, wrote the sum and added the spots)
 We used CVC cards to make as many words as we could
 We used a flip book to make as many words as we could.
 We had addition races, which were fun too.

Stain Glass Candles

We were very impressed by the stain glass windows in the church we visited yesterday.
Today we made our own stain glass windows.
We folded card into two, and then again into two.
We drew and then cut a semi-circle and a rectangle.
When we opened this out we could see the candle shape.
We covered the holes in the black paper with coloured acetates.
Our candles look wonderful on the window with the sun shining through.