Monday, 26 October 2015

Toilet roll rockets

With very very little help from teacher we designed and made our own toilet roll rockets.
These work with elastic bands.
When you pull back the elastic you transfer energy to the elastic.
When you let go, this is the energy which causes your rocket to lift off.
We really enjoyed being able to work on these rockets by ourselves.

Our Hallowe'en walk

We had an absolutely wonderful Hallowe'en walk.
The entire school walked around Renmore, dressed in all sorts of wonderful costumes.
The weather was dry, which meant we could enjoy our walk.
Thank you to all the parents and friends who helped us dress up and collect money for our one and only sponsored event of the year.
Thank you too to all the people who came to wish us well along our route.
We were delighted to watch wonderful performances from Ms. Lally's Glee clubs.
We so enjoyed your Thriller and Ghost Buster performances.
Well done especially to Lauren, Tommy and  Geraldine who represented our class so fabulously in their dancing today!

Lava lamp

We set out to make a lava lamp.
We know that oil and water don't mix.
We thought that oil might float on top of water so we checked this out.
It does.
Next we added just a few drops of food colour.
Here is what happened!
The food colour stayed in little droplets in the oil (because the water in the food colour doesn't mix with the oil around it).  When we shook the bottle the drops of food colour dropped underneath the oil, and when they came in contact with the water the food colour mixed with the water. (The droplets disappeared and the colour spread out into the water.)
When we added a fizzy tablet a chemical reaction took place......the tablet reacted with the water and made a gas (carbon dioxide).  This gas rose up to the top of the water and oil, taking bubbles of colour with it.  It looked exactly like a lava lamp and lasted as long as the tablet kept reacting with the water.

Who are these terrible creatures?

Spot our terrible teachers!



We had a lot of fun making gloop.
We used cornflour, water and some food dye.
We had a hard job deciding whether we would prefer green gloop like guts, or red gloop like blood!
We choose the blood!
The interesting thing about gloop is that when you leave it alone it acts like a liquid, but when you mix it, bang it, stirr it or punch it, it acts like a solid.
In fact it is a Non-Newtonian Liquid (so is ketchup, so there is no point in shaking it or banging it to get it out of its bottle!)
Cornflour mixes like custard but is neither a proper solid nor a proper liquid.
It looks like a liquid and it spilled like a puddle onto the floor
teacher could pick the puddle up like a solid!!!
When you poke the liquid it feels hard like a solid but when you just leave your finger in it your finger sinks through it like a liquid.
If you had a big enough bath you could even run across it!!!
Have a look:

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Our photos taken by a wonderful photographer, but who are these children?

Remember when Kinga visited our class?
Here are some of the excellent photographs she took.
The last few photos have some amazing effects...sepia, colour and even a change of faces.
Who are these students below?
Click below to take you to the post.

Visit from a dentist

Dr. Mamoon Rashid is a dad in our class.
He came to visit us today to tell us all about his work as a dentist.
Mamoon had some interesting things to show us:
He brought us two mouth mirrors (the rest are being sterilized in the autoclave), and a set of model teeth and toothbrush.
We learned how many teeth adults have (32) and children have (26) and we had a great lesson on how best to brush our teeth.  We were even shown how much toothpaste to use (the size of a pea!).
We are going to take Dr. Rashid's advice and be sure to brush our teeth twice EVERY DAY, and visit the dentist twice a year.

We especially loved being given a little tube of toothpaste and a sticker each.
Thank you so much for your great talk today!
Here are some interesting items about keeping your teeth healthy!
A tooth friendly song:
and these stories:
and games:
and information:

Hallowe'en Silhouettes

We enjoyed cutting out Hallowe'en silhouettes and sticking them onto some nice Hallowe'en coloured paper plates.
What nice pictures!