Friday, 25 October 2013

Scary teachers

Can you recognize these scary teachers?
Some of our teachers are right animals!
What big teeth you have Ms. Cronin!

Our fantastic costumes and our Hallowe'en party

We all dressed up today for Hallowe'en

Our costumes were amazing
Can you recognize who is who?
A big "Thank You" to everyone at home who helped us with our wonderful costumes!
And to all everyone who brought in treats to share.
We had a wonderful Hallowe'en party.  Yummy!

Our Hallowe'en walk

We had our annual one and only fundraiser for the year.  Everyone in the school dressed up for Hallowe'en (even the teachers) and we went on our sponsored Hallowe'en walk around Renmore.

The weather was lovely and we looked spectacular in our costumes.
Back at school we had a wonderful treat.
Ms. Lally's after school Glee Club treated us to a wonderful dance session to the music of "Thriller".  It really was a thrilling performance.
The second performance of the afternoon was an equally wonderful performance, this time to the music of "Ghostbusters"

A huge "WELL DONE" to Ms. Lally and her talented dancers.
We are so proud of you.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Racing colours

Teacher has some markers.
We think that some of the coloured markers are made up of two or more colours.
We tested this by putting a small spot of marker on to a tissue paper.
Then when the paper was put into a small cup of water, the colours started racing up the tissue.
We could see the colours pink and blue in purple, pink and yellow in orange, yellow and blue in green and yellow red and blue in the colour brown.

A delicious cake

We had a really lovely surprise today.
Look at the gorgeous cake that was baked by a family in our class.
We each tasted a slice and it was just delicious.
Thank you so much for the lovely cake. YUMMY!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


We had two fun number line games.
In our first game, we had to line up in the right order so our numbers made a number line.
Then teacher asked a child not on the number line to (for example) 
"Swap with the person holding the number BEFORE the number 8" or
"Swap with the person holding the number AFTER the number 3" or
"Swap with the person holding the number BETWEEN the numbers 5 and 7"
Our number line kept on changing people which was fun.
Our next game was a jumping guessing game.
One child started on the number line on the number that the teacher called out.
Then teacher told us how far that child would jump
(for example, start on 1 and take 3 jumps)
We all had to guess where that child would land.
Sometimes we got it right and were very pleased with ourselves.
Teacher had fun watching out to see do we make our numbers in the right way.

Old toys and toys from Japan

We have been talking about the toys that our parents and grandparents used to play with when they were young.  Some of the toys are ones we use now but some are a bit different.
Do you recognize these toys?
A battledore game
A bamboo water pistol
A kendama ball game
A spinning top
A spinning top that belonged to teacher's mammy when she was a little girl.
A daruma game:- you have to knock out the bottle ring without letting the daruma on top fall over.
A toy Ninja star.