Friday, 31 March 2017

Painting Easter Eggs

We traced round an oval template.
This became an Easter egg.
Some of us turned these eggs into Easter bunnies by adding ears and tails.
We used coloured pom poms dipped in paint to add colour.
They look great!

Book Fair

We will have the Tara Book Fair in our hall next week.
You are all welcome to come and look at the books and to buy them if you wish.
There is even a book token to allow your child to get a free book (or €1.50 off any book of their choice).

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dr. Malachy's Flashes and Bangs

Dr. Malachy Thompson is a chemist.
He came to visit us today to show us how interesting science can be.
He taught us a little about energy and forces:- we saw a balancing bird,
 saw magnets attracting and repelling
and looked at white clothes and teeth under UV light.
He also showed us some amazing chemical reactions:- he filled a canister with 30% Buthane, let it react with Oxygen and explode when a small electrical charge was applied.
We saw how to make elephant's toothpaste!

and best of all.....we saw how to make hydrogen,
and what happens when this hydrogen explodes (so impressive!)
We are all determined to be wonderful scientists now!!
A huge Thank You to Dr. Malachy.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Maths stations

Thank you to Ms. Daly and Ms. Hynes who helped teacher with our maths groups today.
We focused on telling the time, counting money and giving change.
Some of us got to play Brain Box Maths too.
We love practical maths!