Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ants in our class

Friendly ants have come to visit our class.
We are trying hard not to spill sweet drinks or leave bits of food around the classroom, but when the ants come to visit anyway we have a lot of fun with them.
We catch them in pooters, 
move them to the ant hotel,
 feed them on bits of fruit and give them water to drink.  We love to watch them digging tunnels.
We are learning lots about our 6 legged insect friends!

Our senses: Sight

We have 5 senses
So we can looks, taste, touch smell and see.
Today we talked about our sense of sight.
We wondered how we could manage to walk around if we couldn't see.
We tried walking with a stick
and getting a friend to lead us.
We talked about Braille writing (we saw this already and we think it would be difficult to read all those dots with our fingers)!
We also talked about our sense of taste.
We had a look at our friends tongues and saw the taste buds that help us taste all our foods.
We will try tasting a big variety of fruits and vegetables next Tuesday.
We are looking forward to trying some activities with our other senses tomorrow.
Here are some fun senses songs to learn:

Junior Spider Awards

We were thrilled to have Scoil Chaitríona Junior's blog website
nominated for a Best School Blog Award in the 2014 Eircom Junior Spider Awards.
These awards were held in the Google Foundry in Dublin yesterday.
While we did not win our category, we had a wonderful day and the students who accompanied the two teachers really did us proud!

 Well done to them!

Our New Class Toy

We won this toy at the Junior Spider Awards.
We will take it in turns to bring him home with us and tell the class of his adventures.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Planting seeds

Today we planted cress, beetroot, runner beans and sunflowers.
We are going to look after them well.
We are looking forward to seeing them growing.

New Notice

Insects and spiders

After a very exciting game of tails in PE we made really fun insects and spiders.
Insects have 6 legs.  Look at these funny insects:
  Spiders have 8 legs.  Look at our funny spiders:

Friday, 11 April 2014

Floating and sinking

We had lots of fun guessing and testing

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Healthy eating data charts

We made two great data charts today while we were talking about healthy eating.
Our first data chart was on our favourite foods.
Can you guess our most popular food?
 We like pizza the best and pasta the least!
 Ice cream was the favourite and surprisingly no one chose crisps, sweets or lollipops!
Our second data chart was on our favourite treat.
In case you were wondering, we love ice cream the best!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bankers game

We have been playing a banker's game.
Each player throws the dice, then counts out pegs, 1c coins, matchsticks or little blocks.
When a player has 10 he/she can swap.
The pegs can be changed for a counter, 1c for 10c, matchsticks for lollipop sticks and blocks for towers.
The winner is the player at the end who has the most.

Our ant hotel

We have had tiny visitors to our class.
The little ants like to visit us.
We suck them into our bug jars using pooters (see the photo above).
Our class ants are now in their hotel.
We hope they are happy here.
We feed them little bits of grapes and apples, and give them a little water.
We can't wait to see the tunnels they will build.

Making small words from big words

How many words can you make from 
Here's how we did:

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

More Easter art

We are taking part in a colouring competition.
We are doing a really nice job.
Maybe we will win!
We also made some really nice Easter chicks.
We used crepe paper to make a collage with our chicks.