Wednesday, 27 April 2016

African masks

We are learning about Africa
Today we drew and coloured or painted some African masks
We think they look really great!

Connacht Rugby

Some of the Connacht rugby players visited us in school today.
There was great excitement!

Lara's art workshop

Friday, 22 April 2016

Wormery and ant hotel

We are learning about nature.
Yesterday Tommy brought a fabulous nest that had fallen in his granny's garden:
We wonder what kind of birds used this nest?
Yesterday Grandad John visited us with tomato and cabbage plants.
We will plant them in our school garden next week.
Today we got our wormery ready.
Grandad John will bring us some worms from his compost pit soon.
We have a nice home ready for them whenever they arrive.
We filled the wormery with layers of sand, soil and compost.
We hope to be able to see the layers getting mixed up as the worms move through the different layers.  We will feed them grass and flowers and give them a little water from the water butt (that water has no minerals added to it, unlike tap water!)
 We also set up our ant hotel.
Teacher brought the ants from her garden.
Unlike worms who make friends with any other worms, ants only like to stay with their own friends and will kill other ants if they are put together in the hotel.
Teacher caught the ants with a pooter, and today we coaxed the ants from the pooter into the horel.
Teacher got some banana, papaya and kiwi for the ants to eat.
They seem to like bananas best!
We hope they are happy in our classroom hotel.
We will look after them well!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

At the beach

We had a wonderful day of discovery at the beach today.