Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Friendship Week

This week our focus is on being a good friend to others.
We are trying our best to be kind and to say nice things to others.
Today we picked a secret person each and we tried to say or do something nice to them today (a little like Secret Santa!)
We played a game that helped us get to know our classmates better.  We really enjoyed playing bingo with the names afterwards.
We drew our friends and wrote about what being a good friend means.
When we do something nice for someone, we can put a post-it on the fish in the corridor.
It is lovely that there are so many nice people in our class and in our school!
We have a friendship bench in school.
We can sit on this if we feel we need a friend to play with or talk to.
If someone spots a child on the bench they will offer friendship.
It is so nice to have so many good friends!

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