Thursday, 16 February 2017

Learning about sound

We are starting to learn about sound.
Today we discovered that there are lots of ways we can make sounds with our bodies.

We thought of different ways in which musical instruments can make various sounds.
We are able to recognize objects in containers just by the sounds they make.

We discovered that small rubber bands make high sounds while large rubber bands make low sounds.
We were able to order these rubber bands from small to big, and discovered that this is the same order as high sounds to low.

We saw that long straw whistles make low sounds, but as you cut the straw whistles, the note gets higher and higher. Very long straw whistles make very low sounds. We have been practicing making notes with straw whistles.  It is much more difficult than playing a recorder!
Pan pipes and sliding whistles are similar to straw whistles-the shorter the whistle the higher the note and the longer the whistle the shorter the note.

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