Friday, 21 December 2007

Our Carol Service

We had our carol service in the church on the evening of December 19th. It was a lovely ceremony and all the children sang and read so beautifully. Well done to all who came, all who dressed up and all who practised so hard for the last few weeks to make the ceremony so special.

Water Experiments

Wednesday, 19th December. Some easy water experiments to try at home:

Make a Diver
We made a diver out of marla, and connected him to a pen cap with a paper clip and an elastic band.
We can get the diver to sink by squeezing the bottle, and we can make him surface again by letting go.
This is because the diver floats when the pen cap is full of air but he sinks when the air in the cap is compressed (from the squeezing) and the cap fills with water. Water in the lid is too heavy to keep the diver floating.
Bath Tricks
Water will spill out of a bottle if you fill it with water, put your hand on top, turn it
upside down and then take your hand away.
Water will not spill out of the bottle if you fill it with water, put your hand on top, turn it upside down under the water and then take your hand away.
This is because the air pressure pushing down on the water in the basin is as strong as the water pressure in the bottle trying to get out, so the water in the bottle stays put.
We can get a card to stick on our bottle of water. When we turned the bottle with the card on it upside down and let go, the card didn’t fall off. Why not? Because the pressure of air
pushing up on the card was as strong as the water pressure in the bottle so the water couldn't get out and the card stays put. Water Walks Along a String

You can get water to spill sideways by pouring the water down along a string. The water holds tightly on to the string by surface tension and travels along the string instead of spilling straight down. Detergent Power

Our speed boat is floating on the water.
We can break the surface tension of the water by squirting in some wash up liquid. When we do this the boat will shoot forward. Water Races
Does water flow faster if you shake or squeeze the bottle?........
….No, it doesn’t, but if flows faster if you make a tornado in the bottle by swirling the bottle of water. Making a tornado is fun. You can make one by joining two bottles together with plumbers tape. Start the tornado by swirling the water in the top bottle.

Making Boats
Does marla float or sink? Both. If it is in a ball it will sink but you can make it into a boat shape and it will float.We made boats and then when they could float we filled them with peas (passengers)
Flat thin shapes with high sides seem to make the best boats.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Extra Strong Balloon

Normally a balloon will burst if you prick it with a pin. We found a way to keep the balloon from bursting. If you put sticky tape on the balloon first, and then use the pin, the balloon doesn't burst at all, or it doesn't burst for a while. Our balloon didn't burst at first, but then it burst, giving us all a fright.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

December art

We made Advent wreaths, Christmas Cribs and papier mache Santas this week. Christmas is coming very soon. We are practising the songs for the Carol service on December 19th too.

Look at our painted christmas trees, painted baubles, clay decorations, bread decorations, santa cards and fabric and fibre angels. We do lots of nice art at Christmas time.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Science Experiments in December

Check out the school's science page to see what work we did on dancing raisins and on acids and alkalis today.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Our School is Very Christmassy.

Look out for these Christmas things in our classroom or school: A christmas tree, a crib, an advent wreath, an advent calendar.

Book Fair

This is the week of our Book Fair. We have been to see all the books in the hall. There are some really nice ones. We can buy them if we like. The more books that are bought the more books the school receives for the class libraries. We love reading them.
Today, 4th December, all the Infant classes went to hear Claire, a story teller. She told us 4 wonderful stories, one about a pirate, a mermaid and a magician. The second one was about the hippos party. The third one was about the sultan, the mice and the cheese, and the last one was about Granny's hot chocolate. They were great fun and we joined in with all the sound effects.