Friday, 28 October 2016

Thriller and Ghost busters Dances

Well done to Ms. Lally's junior and senior Glee Clubs for spectacular performances of
Thriller and Ghostbusters.
We even tried these dances back in our own class!

Programming with LEGO Wedo

We used our LEGO Wedo kits to do some basic programming with LEGO.
This is a lot of fun.
Those of us who go to LEGO club do lots of work with LEGO but today everyone had a chance to try it out.

Pop Top

We had an interesting conversation with a bottle.
When we asked our bottle questions, he always answered us back.
How does this happen?
Teacher filled the bottle with very cold water, and then emptied the bottle.
She turned over the cap and left it sitting on top.
The bottle was now full of cold air.
As the air in the bottle warmed up each time, this warm air needed more space, so it escaped by pushing the cap up a little.
That's what makes the bottle look as if it is talking!

Gooey Gloop

We made some disgusting blood coloured gloop for Hallowe'en!
You add some water to corn flour, and then add food colour.
Mix until it looks like a liquid (but actually it is a NON NEWTONIAN LIQUID)
This liquid acts like a liquid at rest but if it is punched, banged or moved in any way it becomes a solid.
It is very interesting.  When it spilled on the floor we could just pick it up and put it back in the container again!
If you had a big enough bath you could even run across it!!!
Have a look:

Lava Lamp

Oil and water don't mix.
No matter how you hold the bottle the oil always sits on top of the water.
We added drops of food dye to see what they would do.
They stayed as droplets in the oil until we shook the bottle, then they mixed with the water to make pink water.
When we added a fizzy tablet....hey presto...we got a nice lava lamp.
We loved watching the bubbles of Carbon Dioxide rising up through the oil and then sinking down again.


What a fun day!
Lots of amazing costumes!
An adventurous walk around Renmore,
Thriller and Ghostbuster shows!
Enjoy the week off.