Friday, 27 February 2015

Boom whackers and a xylophone in Katri's class

We really enjoy our music classes "colour strings" with Katri.

Today she showed us how to make music with boom whackers (and with a xylophone)!

We love clapping rhythm patterns too.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Telling the time

We are learning to tell the time (just the hour)

The Lonely Dragon

For our drama lesson we are doing The Lonely Dragon.
We are the villagers afraid of the dragon.
Here we are drawing the dragon.
We can't wait to find out what happens next in our story..
We had lots of fun pretending to work in our village as the dragon flew overhead, and we really enjoyed our trip up the mountain to make friends with the dragon, and the preparations for our village party for the mayor's birthday.
 We really enjoyed being part of the story of the Lonely Dragon!

A lamb in our class

We have been talking about lambs and other baby animals who are being born in Spring.
Today Ms. McGrath brought us in a pet lamb.
Shaun the sheep is grey now but we learned that soon he will turn white.
Shaun is a pet because his mammy had three lambs and can only feed one so Shawn has to be bottle fed (milk) four times every day.
We really loved petting the little lamb.
Thanks so much Ms. Mc Grath and Ms. Daly.
What a wonderful spring surprise!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Frog crafts

We are learning all about the life cycle of the frog.
Today we made some lovely frogs in art.
 We painted the paper plates, teacher cut out the arms, legs, tongue and eyes and we put them all together on our frogs.  Each one looks different.  They are so cute!

Athletic skills

 We are learning how to skip.
We are getting really good at this.
 Today we had fun circuit training:  hopping on one leg,
 stepping between arrows,
 jumping on two feet,
 throwing beanbags into a hoop,
 and jumping over hurdles.
 We all had lots of turns at each activity.
It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Pushes and Pulls game and quiz

Here's a great game to try at home.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Cars, ramps and friction

Teacher had some toy cars with her at school today.
She asked us to get them to move using a force.
 We tried pushing, throwing, flipping, twisting and blowing (which are all push forces).
We even tried pulling (which is a pull force).
Last Wednesday we were talking about Maglev trains and how they can go so fast (by electromagnetism) because the trains float on the rails rather than being ON the rails.
We wondered would our car travel equally far on different kinds of surfaces or would they be slowed down on bumpy surfaces (friction)?
We decided to test this out like real scientists.
We got some different surfaces ready, and put them in order according to how far the car would travel on each (starting with the slowest).
Next we needed to get the cars moving by themselves so we designed a ramp.  Now all we needed to do each time is to put the car on the top of the ramp and let go.
Gravity is a pulling force and would pull the car onto the ground.
We decided to measure the distance each car travelled using lolly sticks.
We recorded our results:
We found that some of our surfaces were a bit small so we had to change them.
 Here are our results in order:
The car travelled 3 sticks worth on the plastic and on the front of the car mat.  (These were the worst surfaces on which the cars travelled!)
The car travelled 4 sticks worth on the back of the car mat.
The car travelled 7 sticks worth on the jigsaw mats
and finally the car travelled best (8 sticks) on the cardboard and on the floor.
We put the surfaces back in order starting with the worst surface to travel on and finishing with the best surface.