Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fruit and Vegetable Tasting Day

We had a super day today.
Each student brought a fruit and a vegetable to school today.
Look at the wonderful selection we had:
First of all we counted all the fruit and vegetables that we got.
We made a data chart of this information.
Next we classified our fruit and veg.
We sorted our groups into sub groups of which part of the plant produced the food (root, seed or stem).  We classified the items according to whether they had a strong smell or no smell at all.  We used our sense of touch to see whether each item was rough or smooth.  We classified according to colour and we ordered the items according to their shape (sphere, cylinder or oval-shaped) and then according to their weight (we used the weighing balance to test this).
We cut each piece to see whether there were seeds (pips), a stone or no visible seeds.
Finally we tasted every piece of fruit or vegetable and recorded whether we liked it or not.
There were even prizes for everyone who tried all 19 pieces.
It was like a feast day!
Thank you to all the mums and dads who helped out by sending in the fruit and veg!

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