Thursday, 31 January 2013

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St. Brigid's Day, Friday 1st February
Opening of our school library, Thursday 7th February
Chinese New Year, Sunday 10th February 
Pancake Tuesday 12th February
Valentine's Day Thursday 14th February

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Visit from our Grandad

Two of us (a boy from Ms. McLoughlin's class and a girl from Ms. O'Connor's class) have the same grandad called Paddy Ryan.  He is 70 years old, and he came to talk to our classes today about what life was like when he was young.  Paddy is a terrific speaker, and he gave us a very entertaining and informative talk.
We saw photos of Paddy as a baby in his pram (actually, we thought it looked like a boat rather than a pram), and we saw pictures of the thatched cottages in the Claddagh where Paddy grew up. Paddy always wore shorts as a young boy (even in winter) and lots of his friends had no shoes growing up. They played outside all summer on the grass and on the roads. Sometimes they even got tar on their feet and legs. Paddy played lots of great games with his friends. One of Paddy's favourite games as a young boy was "Cowboys and Indians" which is not played at all now.  Paddy and his friends used to enjoy going to the woods to find sticks to make their own bows and arrows.  We also heard about football, camogie, hurling and marbles.
It was safe to play in the roads in those days, because there wasn't so much traffic.
In bad weather Paddy and his 7 sisters and 2 brothers played games with garters (elastics for holding up your socks).  It was played in the dark and sounds so much fun.
We think that Paddy had a very happy childhood, eating yummy soup, bread and jam and drinking water, milk or buttermilk by the heat of his turf fire.
Thank you so much Paddy for telling us all about your childhood.  We really enjoyed your visit!

Printing with our fingers

Look at the great picture we printed just our finger tips.
It was a little messy, but great fun.
We are wonderful artists!

Flower "e" words

Maths work

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A real St. Brigid's cross

Look at the St. Brigid's cross made by a granny of one of the girls in our class.
Real crosses are made with rushes, and have many layers.
We really like this one.
Thanks Granny!
If you would like to learn to make one by yourself, follow the instructions on this page:

Stay safe

We are doing the Stay Safe programme at school.
We are learning all about feeling safe & unsafe, bullying, touches we like & don't like, secrets & telling and strangers.  Click on the link bar above to find out more about the Stay Safe programme or click on the picture below to download the Stay Safe Parent's Guide booklet.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Our Hyacinth bulb

 Remember our Hyacinth bulb looked like this when we first put it in water.
 A few weeks later the roots had started to grow.
Just look at it now with all the love and care we give it!
We just wish you could smell its lovely perfume.  It keeps our classroom smelling nice.

Some of our wonderful free writing

We love writing our own stories without any help at all from teacher.
Look at how good we are getting!

Try out Starfall's great site

St. Brigid's Day crosses and pictures

Look at the lovely St. Brigid's crosses we learned to make in school today.
We heard the story of St. Brigid and we coloured her wonderful cloak or we used coloured papers to make a collage of her famous cloak.

Literacy games

We have 4 blue folder tasks.
We can build words, make silly sentences, making word families and match beginning blends.
Look at us at work on these tasks.
Try out Starfall's great site

Monday, 28 January 2013

Coming soon!

St. Brigid's Day, Friday 1st February
Opening of our school library, Thursday 7th February
Chinese New Year, Sunday 10th February 

Pancake Tuesday 12th February
Valentine's Day Thursday 14th February

Ag cleachtadh Gaeilge

Guzzler teaches us about energy

Saturday, 26 January 2013

What Science is all about in Room 5

Watch the faces for our sense of wonder

Our Anemometer

Google 4 Doodle Semi-Finalists

   Congratulations to the 3 Google 4 Doodle semi finalists from our class.
Watch out in case they make it to the next round on February 18th.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Bed for our Princess

 Our amazing sets and props grandad Len has brought our princess a bed so she can sleep peacefully during our drama.  Watch out for a little green pea princess!

Visit from Sr. Breda