Thursday, 26 November 2015

Making sprays

We used a cup of water and a straw to demonstrate how to make a spray.
If we have our straws at a right angle (a straight angle) or an acute (sharp) angle to each other, the spray will work.
However, if we have our straws at an obtuse (big) angle all that happens is that we end up blowing bubbles into the cup of water.
When we blow across the top of the straw the air at the top of the stra.w gets blown away (leaving an area of low pressure).
The air that is in the straw, and then the water in the straw rush up to take the place of the air that got blown away.  As the water reaches the top of the straw it too gets blown, and turns into water droplets.  This is how the spray is made.  We love making a spray and are going to make it for ourselves at home.

Fabulous Halloween photos

Click on the photo above for lots of terrific Halloween photos.

Doodle 4 Google

Here are the 6 finalists representing Scoil Chaitríona Junior in this year's Doodle 4 Google.
Best of luck to them.
Nara Coll (Ms. McLoughlin)
Julia Karolyi (Ms. McLoughlin)
Saoirse Graham (Ms. Connolly)
David Petru Mardirosevia (Ms. Connolly)
Eugene Tihomirovs (Ms. McLoughlin)
Carlos Makila-Koffi (Mr. Elwood)

Advent Wreaths

This  Sunday will be the first week of Advent.
We have an Advent wreath in class.
We made some lovely wreaths in art this week.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Shoebox Appeal 2015

Our school has taken part in this year's Shoebox Appeal.
Many many thanks to the families who sent in 235 fabulous shoeboxes this year!
You will make so many children happy.


Lots of us visited the Galway Science And Technology Festival on Sunday last.
One of our boys was lucky enough to win a terrific globe.
The globe shows the whole world, but when the lights go out, the globe shows all the constellations.
We find this really interesting after our visit to the Killaloe Planetarium last week.
Well done, and thank you for sharing with us!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Measuring with lolly sticks

We had fun using lolly sticks, our rulers and the metre stick to measure items in the class:

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Space and Rockets open day

We had a fantastic morning!
We welcomed our parents, grandparents and friends as well as 11 other classes to come visit our Space Morning.
All classes in the school as well as some from Renmore Senior School joined us in the infant yard for the launch of the bigger air and water rockets.
It was exciting and fun.
We showed off all about planets, life as astronauts, space shuttles, the International Space Station, satellites and lots and lots of different types of rockets.
We demonstrated experiments on gravity, volcanoes, and craters and the end of the dinosaurs.
We showed how to launch air/straw rockets, fizzy rockets, balloon rockets. stomp rockets, foam rockets, toilet roll rockets and the large air and water rockets. 
Teacher is SO proud of us.
Here are some of the highlights:
Our mission control:
Lots of visitors:
Air/straw rockets:
Fizzy rockets:
Balloon rockets:
Stomp rockets:
Foam rockets:
Toilet roll rockets:
Air rockets:
Water rockets:

Gravity experiments:
Craters and the end of the dinosaurs:
Lots and lots more photos here:
and on:
More videos and photos to follow later.