Friday, 27 June 2014

Happy holidays

It is "goodbye" to our school for the summer holidays
and "goodbye" to senior infants forever.
We will be going to Ms. McGuire's First Class, Room 11 after the holidays.
Many thanks to all for the wonderful work done this year
and to the parents for your wonderful help and support.
May you all have a wonderful summer!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Red Riding Hood drama

We saw a wonderful performance from Ms. Connolly's and Ms. Lane's after school drama club.
It was a fun show and we were so impressed with the wonderful acting and singing.

Well done everyone!

Reading games

Now that we are such good readers, we are having fun with reading games.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

10 years of science awards!

We have received an Award of Science and Math Excellence
every year
for 10 YEARS!
We are so proud!
Today Aine Scully from Abbott came to present us with a fabulous star shaped plaque and a cheque for Shaw's Scientific, to buy ourselves some science equipment.
Thank you so much Aine!
We had some wonderful talks from Ms. Lavery's class who told us all about the heart, Ms. Ferguson's class who told us of their beach safari and Ms. Costello's class who told of their trip to the aquarium.
Aine also went to Mr. Carleton's and Ms. Connolly's classes where she heard all about the Junior First Lego robotics league.
Aine finished up in our class where she heard all about space.  She even had time to visit our garden and to help us launch water rockets.
Many thanks for your wonderful visit Aine!

Pocket rockets

We had fun today reading Pocket Rocket books.
We love reading!

Friendly fish

Monday, 23 June 2014

Word dominoes and sounds game

Some of us have finished all our workbooks.
We have some really busy tasks to complete.
Learning is such fun!

Delicious coconut buns

Delicious coconut buns.
What a wonderful surprise!
What a talented chef.
Big thanks to our chef and her mum!

New note