Thursday, 30 April 2015

The selfish giant

Our Fruit and Veg tasting day

We all brought a piece of fruit and one vegetable to school today.
Look at the wonderful collection we got:
 First we sorted them into fruits and vegetables:

Next we sorted them into colours: orange, green, yellow, red and black or purple.
We also sorted them according to shapes: spheres, cylinders and ovals (and decided that all these fruit can roll!)  We also decided that fruit could be sorted according to

  • size:  big, small or medium
  • rough or smooth
  • straight or curved
  • wide or narrow fruit
  •  rolls/does not roll
  •  has or does not have a strong smell
  • tasted sweet/sour/other
Unfortunately we didn't have time to sort in all these ways.
We did however have time to make a very interesting 3D data chart:
 Now came the best bit....we tasted EVERYTHING!
We filled in our charts with smiley faces with the fruit and veg we liked, sad faces for those we didn't like, and an X for those we didn't try.
Teacher had a prize for everyone who tried everything.
Here is our data chart.
Do you need some help identifying fruits?
Check out this wonderful story that we read this week:
We have planed lots of fruit and vegetables.  Today we took them home with us to grow at home.  We can't wait to eat our own home grown vegetables!

Hip Hop with Fabiane

We had a class of Hip Hop today.
We loved it.
We are super dancers!

Fruit baskets

Look at the lovely fruit and veg baskets we made in art this week.
Look at our lovely fruit baskets:

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Using our senses

We have been talking about our senses, and playing games that use our senses.
Today we used our sense of touch when we played with the feely bag.
 We used our sense of sight (or lack of) when we took our friends blindfolded around the class.
Last week we used our sense of hearing when we guessed the sound and played the loud/soft game.
We used our sense of smell when we guessed what was in the various bottles and tomorrow we will use our sense of taste when we taste lots of fruits and vegetables.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Gardening with Kay

Kay came to help us with our gardening today.
It was raining heavily outside so we planted some magic beans inside in small pots.
We listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.
We hope that our beanstalks will grow very big, and that we can climb up our beanstalks and become rich.

Food tasting day

Monday, 27 April 2015

Dangers of sound

Today we were talking some more about sounds.
We talked about annoying sounds, how loud sounds are useful for warning us of dangers, and how sounds get softer as they move away from us, and louder as they come nearer.
We tried covering our ears with our hands.  This muffled sounds around us but we could still hear our own voices.  Covering only one ear was very interesting...some sounds were muffled but others we could clearly hear with the ear that wasn't covered.  We discovered that we could hear more clearly when we cupped our hands behind our ears.
We played a find the toy game by clapping loud and fast any time the searcher was near the toy, and clapping slowly and quietly whenever the searcher was far away from the toy.
We used bags of water and sand to check to see what noises we could hear.
We discovered that both sand and water help muffle the sounds around us.  We could make good protective earmuffs using either sand or water!
We will keep ourselves safe by not listening to sounds that are very loud and could damage our hearing.