Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New notes

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Latest note: Tip Toe Thursday, Walk to school 1st October 2015
Coffee morning for parents of new students 2nd October 2015

Making a data chart of our weather information

We have been keeping a record of the daily weather.
Today we examined the weather chart for September.
We interpreted the information and made a data chart of the results.
This was very interesting for us.
We took photos using the iPad so we can make a video later in the term.

Checking on last week's seeds

 The seeds on the window sill have begun to sprout.
There is no sign of the seeds in the cófra beginning to sprout yet.

Practical Maths

Using Diennes blocks and matchsticks to see tens and units

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


We had hurling matches today in PE.
It is great to be able to put all our new hurling skills into practice.

Our local environment: The seashore

We went for a walk to Ballyloughane beach.
There were lots of interesting houses, signs and things of interest along the way.
We paired up with Ms. Cunningham's class and had a partner we have never had before.
On the beach each pair had a plastic container which we filled with lots of interesting things.
We found lots of things that belong on the seashore like shells, crabs, seaweed and stones.
We also found things that don't belong on the beach like a necklace, a hat, a sock, a golf ball, a large ball, a piece of plastic and a lock.
Have a look at all that we found.


Autumn leaves and seeds

We have lots of ash leaves with their helicopter seeds, and some ask twigs with their black buds.
We also have horse chestnut chestnuts and conkers.

The blood moon lunar eclipse

Here are a few photos that teacher took during the eclipse.
 The best time to have watched it was between 2am and 4am on Monday morning.
No wonder we were so tired yesterday!
Here's a YouTube time lapse video of the lunar eclipse.

A HUGE balloon

Look at all the air needed to fill this balloon!

Friday, 25 September 2015

Liam Mellows open night

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Latest note: Liam Mellows open day, September 25th, 2015

Interesting things

 A photo I painted myself.
4 lovely owls..Bánaí, Owliver (Olibhéar), Swoops and Oscar!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Plants and light

We know that plants need light, soil, air and water to grow.
We started an investigation today that will last at least 5 weeks.
Each group planted one container of runner beans and sunflower seeds (after first putting holes in the cups for drainage, and putting in compost).
3 of the pots will be put on the windowsill in the light, while the other 3 pots will be in the cupboard with no light.
We will water our plants every morning and see what happens to the growing plants.
It will be interesting to compare the two groups.

Printing an apple tree

Today we used real apples from teacher's tree to print really realistic autumn apple trees.
We used paints for the trees and the leaves, and we used the apples to print on our own red apples. They look great.

Sé is a little cuddly chipmonk that is a pet in Scoil Chaitríona.
He just loves to go travelling.
We went over to the senior school today to look at a map of all the places he has been (we have also been talking about using maps, ordinance survey maps and compasses in class this week).
We love the diary Sé has, recording the interesting places he has been and the food he has eaten and the things he has seen.
Next weekend teacher is one of two teachers representing Ireland at an international conference at the European Space and Technology Research Centre (part of the European Space Agency) in the Netherlands.
Sé will go with her and take photos of really cool space related things.
How exciting!

PE games

We had fun rolling quoits and playing "snatch the beanbag" at PE today.

What a cool home made rocket!