Friday, 30 November 2012

Learning about the USA

Thank you so much Sally for such an interesting presentation.
We would all love to go and visit the USA!

Learning about Uganda

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Saving energy with Guzzler

 We were talking today about how we can save energy.
Teacher had a great book about Guzzler and it gave us lots of energy saving tips like:
  • switching off lights when we are not in the room
  • walking, cycling or running to school
  • putting on extra clothes when we are cold
  • not letting the tap run when we brush our teeth
  • switching off electric things when we are not using them or when we leave the room.
  • opening the curtains in the morning rather than switching on the light
Can you think of other ways to save energy?

Junior Achievement

Today was our last day of Junior Achievement.
We heard a great story about Dylan and the new school playground.
Ronan presented each of us with a Certificate of Achievement for doing so well with this programme.
Thanks Ronan for such a great programme.  We will miss your visits!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Raw and cooked eggs

Teacher had some raw and cooked eggs but couldn't tell which was which so we helped her.
If you spin a cooked egg it spins quickly and stops immediately if you put your hand on it.
This is like a child in a car with a seat belt on who stops as soon as the car does.
If you spin a raw egg it spins more slowly and stops for a second if you put your hand on it, but then continues spinning slowly.  This is like a child in a car with no seat belt on.  When the car stops suddenly the child keeps moving, often bumping his head on the seat in front or the windscreen.
This is a good test for raw and cooked eggs, and a good reminder for us to always wear our seat belts in the car!

Red cabbage and acids

LEGO creations

Waterproof or absorbent materials

Target Boards

We use target boards in Maths to practise the language of maths.  How many bears are there?  How many red/yellow/blue/green bears?  How many bears in each line/row/column?  How many bears would there be in the second row if we took one/two away?
This maths is like answering puzzles.  

Fire Drill

We had a fire drill this morning.  It is great to know how to act in case of fire.  We all got out of the school really quickly and were safe and sound.

Dinosaur skeleton

What a wonderful drawing of dinosaur skeletons!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Junior First LEGO League Robotics

This week is EU Robotics Week!
In our school we really enjoy robotics!
We are looking forward  to being part of the Galway Junior First LEGO League with many other Galway schools.  Today was our first taste of robotics.  We think we will be very good at it!

Doodle 4 Google

Construction with shapes

Look at the amazing rocket that Jack made. 
It is even bigger than our classroom clock.
We are all suitably impressed.  WELL DONE JACK! 


Today at PE we did some gymnastics.  Teacher did the very lively warm up time first of all with us so that we won't get hurt or won't be stiff tomorrow.
We concentrated today on rolls and vault.
We did pencil rolls and forward rolls.   Some of us are very good at this, and some of us need a little more practice.
On the vault we did squat jumps onto the vault and straight jumps off the vault, and then we did straddle jumps on and star jumps off the vault.  We even presented nicely at the end of each roll or vault.

Hairdryer science

Friday, 16 November 2012

Word families game

Dressing up

Rocket launching open day

WELL DONE to the astronauts from Astronaut School (Rooms 5 and 13) who put on such a great space and rocket show for the whole school, and to the teachers, parents and grandparents who were such a great help making rockets, sending in books on space and the planets, and for coming in to see us this morning.  We hope you learned a little about space.  We sure did!!!!!!

Flower number bonds

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Junior achievement programme

 Ronan read us a great story called Megan buys a present.
It was interesting to see how Megan could save money by doing little jobs for her mum, her dad and her sister.  Ronan gave us each a lovely money box so that we can save the money we get.  We are enjoying learning about money and about saving.

PE games

Realistic rocket

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, BLAST OFF!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012