Monday, 29 June 2015

Glee club performance

 Ms Lally's class and the after school Glee Club performed for us today.

They were absolutely AMAZING!
Such wonderful singers and dancers.

We were all enthralled.
We especially love the cup song.
At this afternoon's performance the teachers performed wonderfully.
They did a dance to "Dear Future Husband" especially for Ms. Ferguson and Mr. Faherty who are both getting married this Friday (but not to each other).
Unfortunately teacher has no video of this to show you!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Beautiful butterflies

Look at the beautiful butterflies we made.
We used cardboard stencils to make the butterfly shapes.
We used marbled papers and fold over papers that we made earlier in the year.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Releasing our butterflies

Our butterflies came out of their cocoons last Saturday (3 of them) and Sunday.
Teacher brought them fruit and sugared water to drink while their wings hardened.
Our painted lady butterflies are beautiful.
Today we went outside and released them back into the wild so they can enjoy life and have families of their own.
They all flew off and we said goodbye to them.
Then a terrible thing happened..........a little willy wagtail bird followed one of our butterflies, caught it and ate it as we watched.  We were so sad to have seen this, but we understand all about the food chain, and it was sad but interesting to see the food chain in action.
Here is all that remains of our poor butterfly!

Harvesting our potatoes

Our garden looks great.
Today we harvested the potatoes we have been growing in a bag.
We planted 4 potatoes.  Look at how many we harvested!
We all took 2 potatoes home each.
We are so proud of our farming skills!

Visit to Ballyloughane beach

We went on a beach trip today.
We built sandcastles and looked for buried treasure.
We collected shells, feathers, seaweed and crabs.
We were very careful to leave the beach clean and tidy after us.
What a great day at the beach!