Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Drama with Ms.Tierney

We had an absolutely wonderful session with Ms. Tierney who is a teacher in the school but is on career break at the moment to learn more about and to teach more drama.
We loved the drama chants Ah yay oh and olé olé.
We made a circle quickly each time we heard "outer space".
We played lots of great games: Name and gesture game, Stop-go-jump-clap game, I'm alright pair work, The big itch and Detective observation game. 
The best part of all was the storytelling: Hans Christian Anderson's-The Emperor's New Clothes.
We so loved joining in the whole story.
Emperors in lovely clothes.
Those naughty crooks!
The emperor with his new invisible suit!
Thank you so much Ms.Tierney.
Drama is SOOOOO much fun!

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