Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mould under the microscope

Remember the gloop we made on October 23rd?
Well, we let it dry out and go mouldy and today we had a look at it under the microscope.
It was fascinating.
 We could see lots of different colours and types of moulds.
Some types were white and raised and looked like candy floss under the microscope.
Some looked black and round in shape.
Others were green or black and looked like great craters or canyons.
This led us on to a discussion of good bacteria (to help us break down food, in medicines like antibiotics, in foods like yoghurt and cheese) and bad bacteria which can make us sick.
We talked about washing our hands, especially after using the toilet and before we eat.
We talked about germs and staying healthy.
Here is a fun site about handwashing and germs:

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