Thursday, 26 November 2015

Making sprays

We used a cup of water and a straw to demonstrate how to make a spray.
If we have our straws at a right angle (a straight angle) or an acute (sharp) angle to each other, the spray will work.
However, if we have our straws at an obtuse (big) angle all that happens is that we end up blowing bubbles into the cup of water.
When we blow across the top of the straw the air at the top of the stra.w gets blown away (leaving an area of low pressure).
The air that is in the straw, and then the water in the straw rush up to take the place of the air that got blown away.  As the water reaches the top of the straw it too gets blown, and turns into water droplets.  This is how the spray is made.  We love making a spray and are going to make it for ourselves at home.

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