Thursday, 9 March 2017

Engineer Walk

Now that we know what engineers do (solve problems, design and make useful items, make our lives easier) we went on a look-out walk in our locality.  We were hoping to spot things that have been designed and/or made by engineers to solve some local problems.
Here are some of the many things we spotted on our walk:
Our school garden boxes.
Traffic lights (we had a good look at how the colours change in the pedestrian lights in the opposite way to the lights shining for the drivers of cars and other vehicles.  This is to keep us safe when crossing the road).
A cage to ensure that gas cylinders don't get stolen from outside the shop.
A clothes bin with a rolling door on a spring.
A drain to make sure our road doesn't flood.
A water pump powered by a rotating wheel.
Gates with struts to make them stronger.
A small tunnel under the railway for drainage or to let animals cross under the railway line.
Different coloured tarmac to help mark roads.
Sharp railings to keep people from climbing onto railway tracks.
The arched railway bridge.
Signs around the bridge to keep us safe.
Houses (detached, semi-detached, 2 story and 3 story, dormer houses).
Wheelie bins.
A clamp on a caravan.
A reflector on the side of a driveway.

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