Friday, 10 March 2017

Building Bridges for Engineering Week

Yesterday on our Engineering-I-Spy-walk around Renmore we spotted a nice bridge that we are sure was designed by an engineer.
Today we had a look at lots of different types of bridges.
We were interested to see that lots of these bridges had triangles (or triangular struts) to make them stronger.  After building our houses from toothpicks yesterday we know that triangles DO make structures stronger.
We decided to make our own bridges and then to test and see how strong each bridge was.
We all used the same base (the boggle boxes) and one sheet of A4 paper each.
We were allowed to fold the paper in any way we liked.
We tested the bridges by putting coins on top.
We had to see how many coins we could stack on the bridge before it collapsed.
We think 28 was the most!

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