Friday, 25 November 2016

Bug sprays

We were talking about the different kinds of sprays there are and what each is used for.
Today we made our own sprays.
We needed to use our maths skills for this.
This experiment works only with right angles or acute angles (angles that are smaller than a right angle).  
If we put a straw into a glass of water, the water rises in the straw so that there is air and water in the straw.
If we get another straw and put it against the first straw at a right angle or acute angle then we can blow the air at the top of the straw away.  This makes a vacuum, and the air (and then the water) in the straw rush up to fill the vacuum. When the water reaches the top of the straw it too gets blown by the straw, turning it into water droplets which becomes the spray.
We are delighted to know how sprays work!

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