Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Learning about sound

We are learning all about sound.
Today we learned about the pitch of a note.
We are able to make sounds with our bodies.
Some of us used our mouths, some used hands and some used legs to make lots of interesting sounds.
We know that musical instruments make music by blowing, by plucking, by shaking or by banging.
Tomorrow we might classify some instruments in these ways.

Today we tried using our sense of hearing.
We tried to match cards with objects in a tub just by listening to the sounds they made.
We were really good at this.
Next we discovered that short instruments make high sounds
but longer instruments make low sounds.
This worked for the pan pipes and whistles below,
but also with straws (small straws make high sounding whistles, while longer straws make lower sounding whistles),
and also with elastic bands...
small elastic bands make high sounds while bigger elastic bands make lower sounds.
We finished up today's lesson on sound using string telephones.
This was really fun.
Two people can have a conversation with a set of string telephones, or you can join more than one set together for a conference call!

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