Wednesday, 21 October 2015

STEPS Visit from an engineer

Shane came to visit us from Avaya.
He is a software engineer.
He gave us a great talk.
We learned how all engineers make and build things, how they fix things and how they improve on things that are already there.
We talked about the different types of engineers (software, electric, electronic, sound, mechanical, civil engineers).
Shane had some interesting slides for us that showed us thing that engineers make, and also what qualities make a good engineer (good at teamwork, good at science and maths, good with their hands, accurate in their work, good at solving problems, and good at creating things).
We were able to name some big software companies (Apple, Nintendo, Samsung, Google).  All of these companies have offices in Ireland, some even have their European headquarters here.
We didn't know that Google is part of the bigger "Alphabet" company.
Apple are moving to Athenry because the computers like the Irish weather !!! (We have the ideal temperature for keeping computers from getting too hot)
Shane showed us what we could do with Scratch.
We could programme the cat to make a square, then to make this really fancy pattern.
We love Scratch programming.  It looks really impressive but it is quite easy.
Thanks Shane and to STEPS engineering for such a great presentation today.
Now we all want to be engineers!

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