Monday, 26 October 2015


We had a lot of fun making gloop.
We used cornflour, water and some food dye.
We had a hard job deciding whether we would prefer green gloop like guts, or red gloop like blood!
We choose the blood!
The interesting thing about gloop is that when you leave it alone it acts like a liquid, but when you mix it, bang it, stirr it or punch it, it acts like a solid.
In fact it is a Non-Newtonian Liquid (so is ketchup, so there is no point in shaking it or banging it to get it out of its bottle!)
Cornflour mixes like custard but is neither a proper solid nor a proper liquid.
It looks like a liquid and it spilled like a puddle onto the floor
teacher could pick the puddle up like a solid!!!
When you poke the liquid it feels hard like a solid but when you just leave your finger in it your finger sinks through it like a liquid.
If you had a big enough bath you could even run across it!!!
Have a look:

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