Monday, 1 February 2010

St. Brigid's Day

Today is February 1st. It is the first day of Spring. It is St. Brigid's Day. We heard some stories about St. Brigid today - the story about how she got land to build her church, the story about giving away her milk and butter, the story about how a fire was lit for 700 years when she died and the story of how she wove a cross to help explain all about God to the dying chieftain. Teacher found some of these stories on and .
Teacher showed us how to make St. Brigid's crosses with 4 strips of paper, then she and Maggie made St. Brigid's crosses out of rushes. Lastly we coloured a lovely picture of St. Brigid and her cloak, and then we used little pieces of felt to decorate the cloak, and to make it feel like a real cloak.

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