Monday, 3 October 2016

Animation with Lara Luxardi

Our finished animation (Monday).
We are sooo proud.
Thank you so much Lara!
We had a really exciting day today (Thursday)
Lara came to show us how to make our own stop motion animations.
Today we concentrated on making our own sea creatures (with movable parts and 2 sets of eyes) and the backgrounds we will need for the animation.
We had a lot of fun with paint, collage, fabrics, different painting techniques and of course with using our imaginations.
Tomorrow we will concentrate on the animations.
We can't wait!
We have made our creatures, decorated backdrops, and today (Friday).
 Lara helped us to take photos of our animations.  We moved our creatures and Lara took lots of photos.  She will join the photos together and edit them.  We added sounds and Lara will add these to the animations too.
We can't wait to see how our animations will all turn out.

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