Friday, 8 January 2016

Floating fruit

Do you know whether different kinds of fruit float or sink?
Have a guess.....does an orange float or sink?  How about a banana?
Can you guess why this happens?
Could you change the fruit in any way and guess and then see what happens?
These are questions we asked ourselves today.
Would you like to know what we discovered?  Well, read on.....
  We found that a whole orange will float, but a peeled orange sinks.
We think this is because there is air in the orange peel and this helps the orange to float.
That means that orange peel (without the orange) should float.
  It sure does!
 Even a little orange segment will sink without its skin to help it float, but we can get the segment floating if we let it float on a piece of orange skin!
 Now, how about bananas?
Bananas like to float...unless you take off their skin.
Then they prefer to sink.  There must be air in banana peels too!
 We guessed (correctly) that banana peels will float, even if we take the banana out.
 It is lovely to prove ourselves right!
How about trying other fruit and vegetables at home?

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